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(B) Sushi and Tempura Course

*Vegetarian OK

(1) Thin Sushi Rolls “Hosomaki”
(2) Vegetable Tempura
(3) Clear Soup “Osumashi”
(4) Special dish by each family
(5) Green tea or Matcha (Japanese green powdered tea)
(6) Japanese sweets

hosomaki_02 (1) Thin Sushi Rolls “Hosomaki”:
Japanese thin sushi rolls are generally called “Hosomaki”. Very popular hosomaki rolls are Tekkamaki (Tuna roll), Kappamaki (Cucumber roll) and Takuan (yellow pickled vegetable). But ingredients can be almost anything.

tempura_02 (2) Vegetable Tempura:
Tempura is one of the popular Japanese dishes of deep fried battered meats, seafood or vegetables. And tempura is used for Tempura Udon (wheat flour noodle), Tempura Soba (buckwheat noodle) and Tendon (bowl of rice topped with pieces of tempura). Tempura and tempura batter are not so difficult to cook. We will make a vegetable tempura in the class.

sumashijiru (3) Clear Soup “Osumashi”:
Osumashi is a Japanese clear soup. It is called also Suimono or Sumashijiru. Osumashi is served for formal course, Kaiseki meals or Sushi. The basic Osumashi is very simple. We would like you to enjoy not only Miso soup but also Osumashi soup.

special (4) Special dish by each family:
Our instructor will offer a special dish for you. The dish differs depending on instructors.

sweets (5) Green tea or Matcha (Japanese green powdered tea), (6) Japanese sweets:
The taste of green tea is very different when you use good tea leaf and if you brew it correctly. We want you to learn how to brew it authentically today. Alongside with Sen-cha, we have Ban-cha, Hoji-cha, Genmai-cha and Kona-cha. We use those on separate occasions.

Japanese sweets are usually served at tea time. A well brewed green tea should be sweet with a little bitterness and it must be refreshing.


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