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Fukuoka Walks

Mt. Houmanzan Hiking Tour

The attraction of Houmanzan hiking route
This hiking route is said to be the most popular in Fukuoka due to breathtaking view from the summit, convenient location and well-maintained path, and mysterious atmosphere with religious sites.

*Mt. Houmanzan Hiking Tour is a private tour.

logo_fukutabi_s *This tour is recognized as the Fukutabi tour program organized by Fukuoka city government.


(1) Date:
*To be arranged at your request
*Subject to guide availability

*In case of rain, the tour will be canceled.

(2) Time: 7:40 am to around 12:30 pm (4hours and 50 minutes)
The hike will take about 4 hours. However the time required varies depending on physical strength of participants.

A vertical drop is about 600m, the total of walking distance is about 6 km, accordingly a physical strength is required to some degree.

2.Meeting Place:

(1) Meeting time: 7:40 am

(2) Meeting place: Outside the main gate at Nishitetu Dazaifu Station
Nishitetsu express train leaves Fukuoka Tenjin Station at 7:11am and arrive Futsukaichi station at 7:29am.
You need to change train at Futsukaichi Station. Dazaifu-bound train leaves at 7:35am and arrives at Nishitetu Dazaifu Station at 7:40am.

View Meeting place: Nishitetu Dazaifu station in a larger map


JPY 10,000 per person

Including English speaking tour guide fee and tax.
The bus fare (round trip: JPY 200) does not include.

*This tour is a private tour.

*Please pay the fee by PayPal in advance.
We will send you the invoice via PayPal, then the tour will be confirmed after your payment.

4.Model Course:

Houmanzan Hiking Tour
7:40 am / Nishitetu Dazaifu Station
8:10 am / Kamado Shrine
10:40 am / Mt.Homanzan
12:20 pm / Kamado Shrine
12:30 pm / Nishitetu Dazaifu Station

*To be arranged at your request.
*Vertical drop: about 600m
*Total of walking distance: about 6 km
*In case of rain, the tour will be canceled.
*Community bus is available from Dazaifu station to Kamado Shrine.The bus leaves Nishitetu Dazaifu Station at 8:02 am and arrives at Kamado Shrine at 8:10 am. The bus fare (round trip: JPY 200) does not include.
*Tsukushinoyu(Hot spring facility) is located near Kamado shrine. Participants wishing to bath can enjoy taking a hot spring bath. Fee is 500 yen.


*We are sorry that the hiking tour is not available at the present time.

Convenient location and well-maintained path
Nishitetsu train and community bus is available to approach starting point of this hiking course. It takes only 8 minutes from Nishitetsu Dazaifu station to Kamado Shrine. The route is quite clear and well-maintained.

1 Breathtaking view
We can enjoy astonishing view from the summit of the mountain. When it is fine, we can see Fukuoka city, islands in Hakata bay, mountains around area and the Chikugo plains.

Mysterious atmosphere
The mountain prospered since ancient time as a sanctuary of mountaineering asceticism. There are a lot of historic and religious sites and huge rocks. The area is filled with mysterious atmosphere.

8 9 Kamado Shrine
Kamado Shrine which is located at the foot of the mountain is well-known for divine favor for matchmaking.