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Fukuoka Walking Tour

Fukuoka Walking Tour

“Explore Fukuoka with the local guide on this walking tour!”

On this tour, you will walk and explore an old town in the “Hakata” area and look at the traditional and contemporary side of Fukuoka. Upon finishing the tour, you will be able to understand the differences between Fukuoka and other cities such as Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.

Hakata is said to be the oldest port town in Japan that was prosperous from ancient times as an important point for traffic with in the continent and the Korean Peninsula. For that reason, Hakata has many historical temples and shrines and is known as the birthplace of the Zen Buddhist sect, Japanese green tea, udon, etc. Currently, Hakata is the center of business in Fukuoka City and adds sparkle to people’s lives.

Here at Fukuoka Walking Tour we strive to give you a real Fukuoka experience. You can not only visit temples, shrines, historic and modern sites, but also enjoy seeing Japanese culture, daily lives of local people and taking nice pictures.

“Your guide, your tour, your time”

If you have any questions about Fukuoka, Japan, or other related topics, please feel free to ask your local guide. All of our English speaking tour guides are professional, nationally licensed, friendly, and familiar with Fukuoka City. Through meeting our local guide, we hope your Japan trip will become a great memory for you.
We look forward to walking with you!

Highlights of the Fukuoka Walking Tour:

Walking an old town in the “Hakata” area with a friendly local guide
The biggest and busiest railway station in Kyushu, Hakata Station
Jotenji Temple: Zen Buddhist temple founded in 1242 and beautiful Japanese dry garden
Tochoji Temple: The biggest wooden Buddha in Japan and a beautiful five-storied pagoda
A local rice cracker shop Mochikichi
Very popular guardian god, Kushida Shrine founded in 757
An active shopping arcade with over 100 years of history
Seeing local traditional crafts and experience how to prepare Matcha at Hakata Traditional Craft Center (Except Wednesdays)
Get refreshed and know quickly about Fukuoka City


 Availability: Every day
 Departure: 10:00 am
 Duration: 10:00 am – 12:40 pm (2 hours and 40 minutes)
 Walk Distance: 2.5 km (1.6 miles)
 Fitness Level: Easy
 Capacity: Max 12 persons, Min 1 person
 Language: English
 Price per person: JPY 2,500 (2 persons or more), JPY 3,000 (1 person)

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logo_fukutabi_s *This tour is recognized as the Fukutabi tour program organized by the Fukuoka city government.

1. Date / Time:

(1) Date:
Every day

*The tour will not be held from 28 Dec to 4 Jan.
>>See the calendar

(2) Time:
Meeting Time: 9:50 am
Tour Time: 10:00 am – 12:40 pm (2 hours and 40 minutes)

*The tour will be held rain or shine.

*Please let us know if you would like to request another time.

*Private tours are available.
Please feel free to contact us via the Booking/Inquiry form.

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2. Meeting Place:

In front of the Tourist Information Center in JR Hakata Station.

-Address: 1-1 Hakata-eki Chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi.
-Meeting Time: 9:50 am

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hakata_sta_map MeetingPlace_Hakata

3. Fee (Based on the number of tour members) and Payment:

JPY 2,500 per person (2 persons or more)
JPY 3,000 per person (1 person)

The price includes;
*English Speaking Tour Guide
*Experience: Preparing “Matcha (green powdered tea)” (except Wednesday)
(Wednesday: drink or Japanese cake)
*Route map and information about restaurant recommendations for lunch.

(1) From 6 to 11 years old: JPY 1,300 with Japanese green powdered tea (drink or Japanese cake on Wednesday).
(2) 5 years old or under: Free without Japanese green powdered tea (drink or Japanese cake on Wednesday) or JPY 500 with it.

*Please pay the fee in Japanese Yen cash to the guide at the beginning on the tour day.

*Payment is also accepted via credit card through PayPal.
If you wish to use credit card, please let us know in advance.
We will send you the invoice through PayPal, then the tour will be confirmed after your payment.
We do not accept any payments by a credit card on the day of the tour.

*If you make a group reservation, we may ask you to pay by credit card through PayPal beforehand.


You will learn about basic drinking methods in a tea ceremony by experiencing how to prepare Matcha. (Except Wednesday)

4. Enrollment limit:

12 persons

*The minimum number of participants: 1 person.
We welcome even single participants.

*The walking tour is also available for a group of more than 12 people.
Several groups, universities, embassies, companies, conference participants, etc. have attended our walking tour as for study, team building, and other purpose.

*private tours are available.
Please feel free to contact us via the Booking/Inquiry form.

5. Route:

Walking distance: about 2.5 km (1.6 miles)
Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes

9:50 am Meeting Time
10:00 am (1) Hakata Station
10:20 am (2) Jotenji Temple
10:50 am (3) Tochoji Temple
11:30 am (4) Hakata Machiya Folk Museum
11:45 am (5) Kushida Shrine
12:10 pm (6) Kawabata Shopping Avenue
12:20 pm (7) Hakata Traditional Craft Center (Except Wednesday)
12:40 pm End of the tour

*The tour schedule is subject to change.

*Please let us know if you would like to request another time.

*Private tours are available.
Please feel free to contact us via the Booking/Inquiry form.

6. Tour Guide:

Fukuoka Walking Tour guide

In 2012, we started the Fukuoka Walking Tour with local top tour guides which was the first English tour that was held on a regular basis in Fukuoka City. All of our colleagues are top tour guides, professional, nationally licensed, experienced, familiar with Fukuoka City, and friendly.

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7. Application:

Advance reservation is required for the tour.
Interested participants should fill out and send the booking form by 4:00 pm (Japan Time) the day before the tour. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Responses will be sent within two business days.

Customer Testimonies

“It was a very interesting tour and I learnt a lot about Japanese culture. It gave our insight more depth and background.”

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(1) Hakata Station
The walking tour meeting place is in front of the tourist information center located in the JR Hakata Station. The area around Hakata Station, which is the busiest railway station in Kyushu, is a center of business in Fukuoka City. The Hakata train station is also serves as an art showroom.

(2) Jotenji Temple
Jotenji Temple is a Rinzai Sect temple (Zen Buddhist), which was founded in 1242 by a Chinese merchant, Shakokumei (Xie Guo Ming). Your tour guide will tell the story of why Jotenji Temple was built by a Chinese merchant rather than a Japanese.

There is a very beautiful Japanese dry garden called “Sentoutei”. On the Fukuoka walking tour, members get special permission from Jotenji and may enter the garden. (Please note that you cannot enter the garden when there is a Buddhist memorial service.) Your guide will explain what this garden represents.




(3) Tochoji Temple
Tochoji Temple was the first temple founded by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) in 806. Kukai studied during the Tang Dynasty in China in 804 and also practiced asceticism and had learned orthodox Buddhism during this period. Kukai is also said to be a great genius who was born in Japan.

You will also visit the biggest wooden Buddha in Japan called the Fukuoka Great Buddha, which is a beautiful five-storied pagoda in Tochoji Temple. When the spring has come, the beautiful cherry blossoms bloom in Tochoji.

Let’s take a rest at a rice cracker shop “Mochikichi” which is a very popular place for local people on the tour. Mochikichi has not only rice crackers which make good souvenirs, but also sweets such as ice cream.


(4) Hakata Machiya Folk Museum
Tour members can enter an old traditional house and experience weaving Japanese textiles “Hakata Ori” using the traditional method.



(5) Kushida Shrine
A facility where gods belonging to the Shinto religion are enshrined is called a Jinja (shrine). Shinto is a polytheistic and animistic religion; there are multiple gods who reside in nature.

Kushida Shrine founded in 757 is very popular guardian god in Fukuoka that is dedicated to the 3 Gods. Your guide will explain the difference between Shinto and Buddhism, the reason why Japanese people believe there are a lot of gods on Shinto religion, Japanese customs, and other religious tradition. If you are lucky, you will be able to see a Japanese style wedding ceremony at the shrine.

Why don’t you try on a kimono and take beautiful photos? Fukuoka Walks offers a Japanese kimono dress-up experience and walk.
Please visit our kimono dress up page.


(6) Kawabata Shopping Avenue
Kawabata Shopping Street is an active shopping arcade with over 100 years of history lined with with long-established, specialty and various shops on both sides. Interesting goods, souvenirs and Japanese foods can be found on this street.


(7) Hakata Traditional Craft Center and Japanese Culture Experience
You can see local traditional craft such as a beautiful Japanese style of doll “Hakata Doll”, Japanese textiles “Hakata Ori”, and other handicrafts.

Participants can prepare and drink “Matcha (Japanese green powdered tea)”. You will learn about basic drinking methods in a tea ceremony by experience how to prepare Matcha. (Except Wednesdays)

Hakata Traditional Craft Center is closed on Wednesdays.
On Wednesday tours, we will go to a cafe located in the Reizenso building nearby. There is a Hakata doll workshop in the building where you can visit and experience painting on a doll. If you are interested, please inform us prior to the tour because advanced reservation for the painting experience is required.

“We hope the walking tour will become a very good memory for your trip in Fukuoka.”

Fortunately, we have received a number of good reviews for the walking tour from several tourists, universities, embassies, companies, conventions and cruise customers from over 60 countries and regions around the world.

For you, great travelers who choose Fukuoka as your destination and come all the way from your country or region, we welcome you even if you are a single traveler. The goal of this walking tour is to help you explore the city of Fukuoka. It is with great happiness that we eagerly await meeting and spending time with you. We look forward to exploring Fukuoka together.

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