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Japanese Mother’s Cooking Class in Fukuoka

We are happy to offer Japanese Mother’s Cooking Class for you in Fukuoka city.
In our cooking classes, you can enjoy not only cooking but eating Japanese home cooking, learning about Japanese food and visiting at a local person’s home.

Fukuoka is renowned as a culinary center in Japan. So you can enjoy various dishes in the city. We have fresh ingredients, a rich history of food culture and local people are filled with the spirit of hospitality.

Our cooking teachers were born and grew up in Fukuoka city and love cooking Japanese food and entertaining guests.

Why don’t you join us?

You will be able to have a precious experience with us. This cooking class will be one of fun things to do in Fukuoka. We are very looking forward to meeting you soon!

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1. Date/Time:

* To be arranged at your request.
* Subject to instructor availability.


2. Course:

Customers can choose from the following 3 courses.
One group is required to choose same course in the class.

(A) Standard Washoku (Japanese dishes) Course

(1) Japanese Rice
(2) Miso Soup
(3) Teriyaki Chicken
(4) Dashi-maki Tamago (A Japanese style omelet)
(5) Tempura
(6) Green tea or Matcha (Japanese green powdered tea)
(7) Japanese sweets and fruit


(B) Sushi and Tempura Course *Vegetarian OK

(1) Temari sushi
(2) Inari sushi
(3) Deluxe Tempura
(4) Miso soup
(5) Small dish (kobachi)
(6) Green tea or Matcha (Japanese green powdered tea)
(7) Japanese sweets and fruit


(C) Customized course

(1) Main dish: Please choose one dish among Okonomiyaki, Katsudon, Japanese Curry Rice or Yaki gyouza
(2) Miso soup
(3) Small dish (kobachi)
(4) Pickles (Sunomono)
(5) Green tea or Matcha (Japanese green powdered tea)
(6) Japanese sweets and fruit


3. Schedule:

(1) 11:00 am Start (For 3 hours)
10:50 am / Meeting
11:15 am / Cooking at instructor’s house
13:15 pm / We eat what we cook!
2:00 pm / End

(2) 5:00 pm Start (For 3 hours)
4:50 pm / Meeting
5:15 pm / Cooking at instructor’s house
7:15 pm / We eat what we cook!
8:00 pm / End


4. Place of meeting and cooking class:

(1) Meeting Time: 10:50 am or 4:50 pm
Assemble 10 minutes before.
Please give us your requested date.

(2) Meeting Place: Subway station near instructor’s house
All subway stations – A: Nishijin, B: Sakurazaka, C: Ropponmatsu or D: Befu – are 6 to 9 minutes from Tenjin station by subway

(3) Place of cooking class: Instructors’ house or apartment
We will inform you about the meeting place and the name of instructor after confirmation by email.


5. Enrollment limit:

4 persons in each class.
(Minimum number of participants: 1 person)


6. Fee:

JPY 15,000 per person
Japanese Yen, cash only.
Please pay the instructor before the cooking class start on the day.

The price includes;
*English instruction
*Recipes written in English
*Aprons and towels rental

Families can participate in our cooking class.
Children are also welcomed to our class.
A child under 5 years old per one group is free.

recipe Cooking recipes written in English
After returning to your country, you can cook Japanese foods by yourself as long as you have the recipes!


cc-1 Fukuoka Japanese Home Cooking Class’ Diploma
We present each of the customers with Fukuoka Japanese Home Cooking Class’ diploma.



7. Instructors:

Welcome to Japanese Mother’s Cooking Class in Fukuoka!

We love making food, of course eating! When we traveled, we were treated warmly by foreign friends. So we want to entertain you in return.

We hope your trip in Fukuoka become a good memory for you. We are very looking forward to meeting you.

Atsuko / Instructor
Fukuoka Japanese Home Cooking Class Instructor
Licensed chef
Natural Food Coordinator
Food for Life Adviser

Since I was a little child I had a special interest in food and its preparation because food in itself leaves a certain thankfulness and sense of discovery behind. Moreover, Japanese food is very safe to eat and delicious. I would like to share my passion and knowledge to many a people coming to my place and thus introduce them to Japanese culture and tradition.

Another interest of mine is traveling and experiencing the differences in both mentality and lifestyle of each nation. Welcoming foreigners into my home is not a new experience for me, so please be reassured by my open-mindedness in hosting various personalities!

Decided to sign up for the Fukuoka Japanese Home Cooking Class? Please introduce our establishment to your friends and share your feelings! If you would have me as your cooking instructor, let’s enjoy a great and unique time together by learning from each other, both cooking and culture-wise!



8. Application:

Advance reservation is required for the class.
Interested participants, please fill in and send the booking form. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

*Please note that this cooking class is organized by Japanese Mother’s Cooking Class in Fukuoka, not Fukuoka Walks (Trip Insight Corp).
Japanese Mother’s Cooking Class in Fukuoka will reply to you after your booking or inquiries.


What Customer Says

“The host was very nice, friendly, helpful, enthusiastic. We learned to make a lot of interesting dishes. The class was perfect!”


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Let’s try to cook Japanese food! It is very fun to makecreate dishes at a local Japanese home!



You made your first Japanese food and it came out very well.



You are a very skilled chef!



Let’s eat! Itadakimasu!

cc-13 cc-6


After eating, let’s try to prepare and drink “Matcha (Japanese green powdered tea)”!



Not only you can cook Japanese food but also enjoy visiting a local Japanese home, interact with local people!

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