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All of our English tour guides are professional, nationally licensed, experienced, familiar with Fukuoka and friendly.
We are really looking forward to meeting you soon!

p01 Shigeru
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Shigeru is a professional guide/interpreter with the experience in travel trade over 30 years. His enthusiasm for Japanese culture and history is a spice of walking tour in English.

Fukuoka Walking Tour guide Manami
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Born and brought up in Fukuoka. Presently work as an interpreter guide and teach English to students. Hakata has a long history, about 2000 years. I really look forward to meeting you and share the history and culture of Hakata.

p03 June
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I’d like to introduce the secrets of popularity of Fukuoka city during the walking tour. I love art, architecture, plants, and local food of Fukuoka! I hope you will enjoy this unique walking tour with my cheerful guiding.

p04 Sachiko
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Born and brought up in Okawa City in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, famous for producing fine furniture. Fukuoka has many places worth visiting. I would like to introduce you the charms of Fukuoka. I hope you will have a lot of eye-opening experiences.

p05 Kay
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I love traveling and meeting people. I love both busy modern shopping zones and the quiet atmosphere of old temples in Fukuoka. Let me help you to enjoy various aspects in Fukuoka.

p07 Mariya
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Born and raised in Fukuoka City. A step into streets of Fukuoka invites you to tradition, culture, festivals, handicrafts, the latest fashion and everyday life of locals. Let’s enjoy the walking tours together!

p08 Yuko
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Born and grown up in Fukuoka city. The more I know Fukuoka, the better I like it. I wish to be your good messenger about Fukuoka. I’m looking forward to guiding you a lovely city of Fukuoka and around.

p09 Michy
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I was born and raised in Fukuoka. I love eating delicious food and traditional Japanese cultural things such as tea ceremony, Rakugo comical storytelling, and Kabuki traditional Japanese theater. I hope you will enjoy the Fukuoka walking tour and discovering Japan with me!

p10 Moka
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I’m an English speaking guide and also a photographer who likes traveling to different places to take beautiful pictures. Fukuoka is one of the most attractive cities in Japan; beautiful scenery, delicious food, an interesting culture with a 1000-year history. I can show you around beautiful places in Fukuoka, and help you with take lovely photos. Let’s enjoy Fukuoka Walking Tour together. See you soon in Fukuoka!

p11 Shoko
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Having been brought up in Fukuoka City, I spent many years away from home (Tokyo, England and South Korea) and am now back home. I love my hometown Fukuoka and would love to share the beauty of this town with you as an interpreter guide. Looking forward to seeing you!!

p12 Susie
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I like studying Japanese history and singing jazz songs. Fukuoka is a very livable and trendy city in harmony with nature. I would like to introduce you not only to the city but also other nearby cities with their own unique time-honored histories. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

p14 Masumi
English and Korean speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I’m a licensed English and Korean tour guide. I have an interest in both eastern and western cultures. I’m a cheerful person. I like traveling, cooking, and reading books. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Fukuoka.

p15 Kyoko
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I am originally from Nagasaki and spent many years in Tokyo. I moved to Fukuoka more than ten years ago. Fukuoka is a balanced city which has urban and rural areas. The city is blessed with natural beauty, historic spots, and delicious food. I love travel. Meeting new people is always my pleasure. I would be happy to help familiarize you the charms of Fukuoka. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

p16 Akiko
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Hello! Welcome to Fukuoka, the largest city in western Japan. Fukuoka is one of the best cities to enjoy shopping, eating, learning Japanese history and culture. I would be happy if I could help you make your stay more enjoyable.

Fukuoka Walking Tour guide Chiharu
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

If you are looking for an exciting guide, then please look no further. I have over 30 years experience in this field and would be delighted to show you my beautiful intriguing city of Fukuoka. My two and a half hour gentle walking tour starts from Hakata station and ends at Hakata Traditional Craft Center. Discover the stories, dry landscape garden, tea ceremonies and beauty of a gentle atmosphere that only Fukuoka can offer under my guidance.

Fukuoka Walking Tour local guide Norry
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Fukuoka is one of the big cities in Japan, however, it has a good balance. I mean this city has 50% city area and another 50% local one. So, you are able to enjoy its nature, various kinds of fresh condition food and kindness of people. I am not only a tour guide but an amateur pianist, golfer, fisherman and an announcer for radio and TV stations. See you in Fukuoka city in Kyushu island, Japan.

Fukuoka Walking Tour local guide Jennifer
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I love eating, travelling and staying at nice hotels. It is my great pleasure to help you introduce this beautiful city, Fukuoka. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything about Fukuoka, including a bit of inside information about its history and foods.

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Name Trip insight Corp.
Established 1 July 2008
Licensed Travel Agency / Fukuoka Gov. No.3-775
Operations -Tour planning and organizing

Trip Insight (Custom Tour in Kyushu Japan)

Fukuoka Walks

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-Land operation

Beautiful Kyushu (Kyushu travel guide)

Fukuoka Bike Tourism
Address Reizenso B-44, 9-35 Kamikawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka,
812-0026, JAPAN
President Makoto Tanaka
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)
Flickr Photo (Round-the-world trip)
Tel Mobile Phone: +81-80-4310-4173
Office: +81-92-984-3202

Our Story

Fukuoka Walking Tour guide
When I traveled in Central America in 2008, I met a Costa Rican family in an island in Panama and we had traveled together after that. In Costa Rica, they were also so hospitable to me that they let me stay at their house, made a homemade meal, told me their popular music and took me to historical sites, nice restaurants, a local market and a coffee plantation in a small village where I could never have visited by myself. I had started being interested in the country although I had an original plan to stay for only a short time.

This trip became one of my best memories because I could make friends with the local people, eat the regional foods, experience traditional culture, was impressed by the beautiful nature and could learn about the country. Now I dream of the day that I will visit there again with my family.

Just like you, we also love traveling. I have ever traveled Asia, Europe, Oceania, North, Central and South America, over 50 countries. I was able to enjoy myself in almost all countries thanks to all of the local people and the travelers whom I met while traveling. I came to love traveling and travelers.

It is our turn to give thanks to you.

Fukuoka is located on Kyushu island in Japan. There is a great deal of charm. In 2012, we started Fukuoka Walks with our professional guides who are passionate and quite familiar with Fukuoka and Kyushu. One of our tours “Fukuoka Walking Tour” is the first English tour on a regular basis in Fukuoka City. We continue to make tours around not only Fukuoka but also other regions in Kyushu.

Our goal is to help you to discover Fukuoka, Kyushu in Japan from various points of view and unlike traditional tours with superficial sightseeing. For you, great travelers who choose Fukuoka, Kyushu as your destination and come all the way from your country or region, we want to provide you with the special experiences with a local guide as we were given that in the world.

It is the most perfect happiness for us to meet you and spend the time with you.
We are really looking forward to discovering Fukuoka, Kyushu with you.

Makoto Tanaka
Fukuoka Walks
Trip Insight Corp.

Biography – Makoto Tanaka

1967: Born in Japan
1993: Graduated from Kyushu University in Fukuoka City
1993: Round-the-world trip (From Asia to Europe)
1993-2005: Work on Japan Energy Corporation (JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation)
2007-2008: Round-the-world trip (Asia, Europe, North, Central and South America) >> Flickr Photo
2008: Established SOZOX in Fukuoka City and started a business related to traveling
2013: Registered the third category travel agents, incorporated and changed the company name to Trip insight Corp.,

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